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What people are saying...

“My car had never (in the 7 years I owned it) undergone a full interior and exterior cleaning.  It was a really big job (years of ketchup and coffee spills) and these guys did an amazing job.  INCREDIBLY thorough.  And the price was beyond reasonable given the job they did.  My family all commented on the fact that my car looked almost like it did the day I bought.  Will definitely come here again as you will not get a better bang for your buck anywhere in NYC.”
- T.D., Brooklyn, NY
“I think this is probably the best car wash you can get/hope for. I actually had my car detailed. I was stunned because some of the marks on my car that I thought were permanent scratches, were gone when I picked-up my car. This car hasn't been detailed in the 13 years that I've had it. I haven't seen it look this good in years. I was thoroughly impressed.”
- Nicole S., Brooklyn, NY
This place is amazing!! I  drove through a puddle of green paint on the BQE... Splatter paint all over the front of my 95 BMW... They put it through twice, helped me scrub every spot of paint off with a special spray... And razored the windows to get the paint off. If the paint had dried it would have been permanent!! The crazy part is they only charged me for 1 wash when I was easily there for an hour!! Thank you!!!”​
- Katherine, Brooklyn, NY
“This place is great. The line moves super fast, even when it's several cars deep I've never waited more than 5-10 min. The guys really pay attention and get all of the undercarriage dirt and the other stuff that the machines sometimes miss. And the prices are better than other places in the area.”
- Tracy U., Brooklyn, NY
“I came here after a disappointing visit to Golden Touch that was a complete waste of money and am sad I didn't come here first. I asked for the carpet shampoo since I was selling my car and for $65 they shampooed and cleaned the interior, the trunk and the outside. My car looks AMAZING. It took about 1 1/2 hours so I just went to a local coffee shop a block away. This is seriously worth every penny. They even call you when they're done.”
- Helen J., Brooklyn, NY
It's always nice for your expectations to be exceeded, and mine were.  I had my SUV detailed recently, and it came out looking great, inside and out.  I left it overnight, and they kept in parked inside and did the work in the morning.  The owner was on premises and came out when I picked up my SUV to ask me if I was satisfied; and I was.  I'll definitely be back.  Nice work at a reasonable price.  If you're driving by, don't look for "Ultimate Car Wash" though, as the signs out front just say "Car Wash.
- Mike G., New York, NY
"Just came back from trying Ultimate Car Wash for first time. I am very pleased with the service. The 4 Stars wash is about $25 plus tips. By far it is the best car wash I have used in Brooklyn. I normally go to Golden Touch but there was no comparison. I even had one more wash to get a free wash at GT but decided to try this place after reading the reviews. I will be coming back here. Nice touch placing a paper to protect the mat after the cleaning. GT and Hollywood have never done that and usually the mat gets dirty as soon as I get into the car due to the water and grease in the outside area where you wait for the car. The entrance is to your right around 22."
- Anse, Brooklyn, NY
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